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Prospectus – 2024


The “Infinitree©” brand, IntelliTree is a self-powered, stand-alone intelligent technology, that can extract water from the surrounding air using advanced condensation methods and disperse it immediately, or store it for future use. No additional wiring, or plumbing is required. It will then purify the captured water through filtration for immediate use. It will also provide additional energy on demand as a power charging station via the solar and hydrogen cells on board.

Our goal is to create IntelliTrees that can create their own micro-climate around each iTree, thus sustaining natural life, as well as create food and water production for local communities.


The IntelliTree  will emit infrared heat, generated by IR L.E.D. lights for micro-climate temperature control. This, along with the ionized water ejection system and sensor array we can maintain an almost perfect climate around the IntelliTrees for optimum results. A Raspberry Pi3, or PINE64 mini-computer will be used initially to control our iTrees© as we develop more advanced computing power.

In a group or series, IntelliTrees can easily act as a type of Node Network with Wi-Fi  pjNBQtj51tBb92NmLzoXw6flC-Zzw0t8no6fKAJ7fjxhoG2jhVPnRJAzyfMoH64x1M2q=w300 and multiple communication platform capabilities.

Unlike toxic Cell-Towers that emit extremely harmful EMF and Microwave frequencies, our IntelliTrees can be used as a safe images-2NODE/NETWORK type transmitter/receiver and act as a stand-alone communication network grid, minus the harmful radiation. If the Internet is up and working, only one IntelliTree need be connected to the net, for all the rest to be instantly connected through wireless transmission and/or Bluetooth. We are also looking into using Li-fi technology. and WiMAX Wifi which is faster than current Wifi today and cheaper than Li-fi. Currently using Ubiquity technology.

Mission StatementOur Mission is to create a self-powered, stand-alone technology to help people sustain themselves, in balance with nature and their surrounding environment. To provide agricultural resources in urban or rural communities where water is not available or is contaminated. Helping nature and the environment to flourish.

IntelliTrees Team – Lead creators and IntelliTrees originators and Co-Founders are Gary Voss & Jeff Louis. Jeff-Louis is our President, COO and lead developer. Gary Voss is our Vice President & CMO.  Dr. AvaNirvana C. Perez, CFO. Our brilliant IntelliTrees Team is fully dedicated to building this very needed product utilizing current, existing technologies and making our IntelliTrees affordable and a highly effective. The brand name “Infinitree©” will be used for our IntelliTrees line TRADE NAME.

IntelliTree ProjectThe intention of our IntelliTrees is to restore and monitor of all our natural environments around the world. To provide pure, clean and safe water where it’s needed the most and easily allow for organic food production for local communities. Our IntelliTrees will be shielded from EMF pulses, or solar flares that could shut down most electrical devices, keeping our IntelliTrees up and running, even if the power should go off. This and many other added features will make our IntelliTrees a highly needed and viable technology for today’s foreseeable ongoing water, energy and food problems.

Potential Manufacturing Methods

3D & 6D laser printing, along with mold injection may be used in the production of our IntelliTrees, as well using renewable materials like hemp based plastics, bio-polymers, foam and even recycled trash. AEROGEL will be used in our IntelliTrees & Atmospheric Water Generation systems to enhance condensation as well as add ultra-lightweight insulation, thermal induction and increased strength, as well as protection from extreme heat conditions.

Key Markets
  •     Agriculture/Farming – In serious need of clean water now.
  •     Property Developments – All need water.
  •     Existing Resorts – water & food production.
  •     Parks and Natural Preserves – In serious need of water now.
  •     Restoring Water Reserves/Lakes – Important key markets, as  the demand is there now.
  •     Restoring deforested areas – Major concern with the amount of current and ongoing deforestation.
  •     AWG manufacturers & Distributors Worldwide (currently working with AWG manufacturers in the US & others in China)
  •     Dead Zones/Toxic Zones/Radiation Zones – Also CRITICAL/DEMAND Start cleanup & reduce further contamination.

Funding Required = $1,560,000.00

Projected Costs – Living, transportation, Manufacturing equipment and Facilities – Baja, Mexico (Sacredspace Ecovillage) 30 minutes from San Diego, San Ysidro border. 3 structures initially purchased and immediate collateral. 1 of the three will be used for offices and prototype manufacturing. 2 company cars and 1 company utility truck. Two 3D printers, 1 6-D liquid bath printer and 2 mold injection makers. Other related equipment and staff. Estimated cost = $1.2m

PHASE 1A – Working prototype of Infinitree©, 4-6ft high, that looks like a real palm tree. Fully functional water collection and production from the air, ready for all upgrades and scalable. (building two) Estimated cost = $45,000

PHASE 1B – A full sized working prototype (Royal palm tree), estimated 20-25ft high, w/wide trunk base for maximum space for H2O storage, condensation system and other necessary components.           Estimated cost = $85,000

PHASE 2 – The second phase will incorporate Infrared heat dispersion using IR-L.E.D. and other thermal dynamic heat induction technology. Full L.E.D. Intellilight capabilities added.                Estimated cost = $35,000

PHASE 3 – The IntelliTrees will act as a Node Network, communicating to other IntelliTrees and back to the central control location for immediate feedback of local weather and ground conditions and much more.  Up to 100 sensors can be employed in each of our IntelliTrees for the surrounding area, giving us constant data feedback for optimum IntelliTrees functionality and performance. Estimated cost = $95,000

Projected retail of the initial Infinitree© = $75-150k each.

Estimated retail after production is under way = $15-$85,000 each depending on upgrade options, size and water and power requirements.

Projected IntelliTrees Water Production:

Amount of water produced from the air depends on local humidity levels. In average conditions (48-78% relative humidity), each full-size Infinitree© can produce up to 100 gallons of water per 24 hour day, or more. In less optimum conditions, (15-38% relative humidity) around 15-45 gpd. Food production is not based on those amounts of water production, as all of our IntelliTrees packaged systems will include a complete aquaponic system that uses up to 78% less water than conventional farming. Using aquaponics will dramatically increase food productions yield capabilities, as well as sustainability factors. Estimated yield of fresh water fish, mussels, clams, shrimp and various organic plant/foods that can be grown, can supply an estimated 2-3 families of four each, per IntelliTrees. Once the IntelliTrees technology is fully optimized, more families can easily be provided for.

Later PHASES of our IntelliTrees: Radiation detection and measuring. On-site cameras, microphone and speakers. Full “IntelliLight:” emitting capabilities. Wireless power transmission, Li-Fi, WiMAX Wifi, IntelliGrass™, IntelliBees…and much more.

Planet One Solutions – A Sustainable Development Corporation

Infinitree© manufacturer

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Jeff Louis and Gary Voss, Co-Founders, IntelliTrees

Jeff-Louis: G., Co-Founder, President & COO

Gary Voss, Co-Founder, Vice President & CMO

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MX – 661.106.5095

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