Network Node

In a group or series our IntelliTrees can easily act as a type of Node Network with Wi-Fi and multiple communication platform capabilities.


Unlike the current toxic Cell-Towers that emit extremely harmful EMF and Microwave frequencies, or the new DNA damaging 5G, our IntelliTrees will not have these harmful effects, while providing clean power, water and communication. Should the local power grid ever fail, our IntelliTrees will keep you up and running day or night in any climate. As a Node type network our IntelliTrees will also keep you connected. We are also looking into possibly using Li-fi technology. We are also looking at using WimAx Wifi technology and the all new 5GHz (802.11ac) Wifi technology which is much faster than current 2.4GHz (802.11b/g/n) Wifi being used today and still far safer than the new 5G coming soon.

Also on the drawing board is the new and upcoming SDR, or Software Defined Radio technology coming out over the past few years and gaining a lot of attention in the radio/ham communication arena. With SDR we can now create a private radio network for direct (private/encrypted) communication. We can also scan surrounding atmosphere for all frequencies present with AirSpy & SpyVerter and adjust accordingly to protect the environment, or be alerted if our Smart Trees are being tampered with. Full remote functionality. Ability to scan radio, satellite and aircraft frequencies for complete weather and atmospheric conditions and transmit them to your smart phone/PC for review and adjustment.

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