Working together with SpecTrix Lighting for optimum plant growth!

A new”smart light” is on the block and no one even comes close to functionality, results, or cost.  The SpecTrix IntelliLight© is setting a new standard never before achieved by any other light.

Complete Spectrum

UV Gold
Violet Orange
Blue Red
Aqua Far-Red
Green White

Complete Control

SpecTrix lights create precisely the wavelengths that are absorbed most efficiently by plants. Each band of the spectrum is fully adjustable to provide complete plant nourishment without wasted energy. Plants contain light absorbing cells called pigments. Each type of pigment has one or two absorption peaks, or wavelengths of light that are most efficiently converted into chemical energy. Wavelengths between 500 and 620 nano-meters do not effectively drive photosynthesis. Broad spectrum grow lights waste energy by generating more green and yellow wavelengths than needed.

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