IntelliGrass© is an artificial grass with real grass seeds contained in a special highly water absorbable clay media. This special media holds moisture for prolonged periods at the bottom of the support pad for the artificial grass. The real grass will grow as usual when water is introduced. When no moisture is present, the special media will hold in moisture during dry periods maintaining your real grass. Should for some unforeseen reason there be no moisture, the artificial grass will remain behind keeping your lawn looking green. The moment moisture is present again, it will be absorbed and stored in the special media and then real grass can then grow back using this source.

Additional properties will be added to the media to assure no harmful bacterial growth during the presence of stored water. Other properties will be used for optimum microbial soil growth as well.

We are looking into more natural materials such as Bio-Polymers and HEMP based plastics for the artificial grass and support the support pad. We are also considering coating AeroGel on the IntelliGrass© to aid in water condensation from the naturally occurring morning dew. Similar to how nature does it, or biomimicry as it is becoming known. This would make our IntelliGrass© a self-watering technology.

There will be sensors in the IntelliGrass© to communicate with our IntelliTrees™.  Moisture should never be an issue with an InfiniTree© , or two on site.

The IntelliGrass© is being pioneered and developed by Gary Voss and Jeff Louis. This technology is still in it’s infancy stages and in need of further research and funding/support.

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