6f67409a9e60de74ae2d0ad9c7f9b7a9A new word on the block we created – AquaPhonics© – Using fish to nourish the plants (aqua), while playing music for the plants that clean the water for the fish (phonics). No additional filtration is ever required. The advantages of using music are too numerous to mention here. Custom light, sound, frequencies, or beneficial tones can be played through our AquaPhonics© systems, enhancing it substantially. When connected to our IntelliTrees™, our AquaPhonics© Systems can be installed and operated anywhere.  It is our goal to incorporate AquaPhonics© with our IntelliTrees™ for optimum quality food production in any location. By using dome and pyramidal structures with our AquaPhonics© and IntelliTrees™, you can have shelter, water, power and food in any location and in any climate.

Aquaponics is everything AquaPhonics© is, minus the sound/music/tones/etc.. Aquaponics can be done vertically, horizontally, on flat grow-beds, inside and outside, or all the above.


We are also looking in to using AeroFarming , along with any other form of agriculture necessary to be used with our IntelliTress™ to provide GMO-free, healthy food and safe, clean water wherever needed.



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