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Palm_sun_logoIntelliTrees Team: Lead creators and IntelliTrees originator is Jeff-Louis.  Jeff Louis is our Chief Developer & Director of the project. We are also blessed with a host of advisers in fields of engineering, design and various environmental sciences on board helping. Our brilliant IntelliTree Team is fully dedicated to building this very needed and necessary technology utilizing current and existing technologies and making our IntelliTrees affordable and a highly effective where needed most. The brand name “Infinitree” will be used for our IntelliTrees line TRADE NAME.

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IntelliTrees Project: The intention of our IntelliTrees is the restoring and monitoring of all of our damaged natural environments around the world. To help provide pure, clean and safe water where it’s needed the most and easily allow for true organic food production in support of local communities. Our IntelliTrees will be properly shielded from EMF pulses, or solar flares that could shut down most electrical devices, keeping our IntelliTrees up and running, even if the main power grid should ever fail. This and many other added features will make our IntelliTrees a highly needed and viable technology for today’s ongoing water, energy and food problems.

Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

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