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IntelliTrees™, or iTrees for short, are a one-of-a-kind, stand alone, self powered line of “smart tree” technology. Each one of our IntelliTreesis capable of creating their own power via the sun, wind, hydrogen, and other proprietary methods. It is capable of extracting water directly from the surrounding ambient air and dispersing it around each of the IntelliTrees™. This will help to support local plant life and/or supply a local community with clean power and safe water.

Inteli Tree in Desert Rev 3

Our first IntelliTrees line/brand name is the “Infinitree©“. Our Infinitree© will mimic a real life palm tree. We are looking at the Royal Palm Tree for the initial design of the first of our IntelliTrees, the Infinitree©.

Enter Biomimicry:  Our IntelliTrees may look like an ordinary tree from the outside, but they hold a very unique surprise when you take a closer look on the inside! Our IntelliTrees take advantage of an atmospheric water condensation process to collect water from the surrounding air and use solar, wind and hydrogen energy for power. Our proprietary D.G.I.T.* technology will be added later for additional power needs, along with wireless power transmission capabilities. By the use of AI, machine learning, everyone of our IntelliTrees will be capable of communicating to local plant life through its sensor array, helping to optimize natural conditions and increase results. The actual Infinitree© housing can be made of organic materials such as HEMP plastics or bio-polymers that even clean the CO2 like a real tree. Initial designs can be produced from 3D & 6D printer/bath and/or mold injection. This can even be done on site using local materials, thus keeping the production and delivery costs down, and the turn-around and set-up more efficient and cost effective. (* direct-ground-induction-technology)

IntelliTrees™ will include an innovative new platform that combines the power of AI technology and social action to tackle climate change. Here are some more details on the amazing tech behind iTrees: – Tree Planting Analytics: IntelliTrees™ leverages advanced analytics to identify the best regions and terrain suitable for planting trees. These analytics are based on a mix of earth observation data from NASA and other sources, as well as artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning. – Drone Planting: This is an exciting emerging technology that is revolutionizing the way trees are planted. IntelliTrees™ utilizes drone technology to rapidly and efficiently plant trees, covering larger areas at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional manual reforestation methods. – Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology: IntelliTrees™ utilizes modern smart contracts and blockchain technology to ensure that tree planting donors and sponsors have transparency and accountability in the tree planting process. This ensures that every sponsor can track the progress of their donation and see exactly where their trees are planted. These are just a few examples of the amazing tech behind IntelliTrees™. By leveraging these technologies, iTrees is effectively and efficiently driving reforestation efforts which is crucial in the fight against climate change.

IntelliTrees™ is clearly an incredible bio/eco-technology for tree planting enthusiasts, businesses, and donors who are passionate about tackling climate change. What we love most about the IntelliTrees™ is their ability to empower individuals and communities to take action towards reforestation and environmental conservation, regardless of their geographical location or expertise. Explore the various technologies  going into the iTrees on this site and fully innerstand how the iTrees can improve our lives on so many levels. By including species of trees to be planted and the estimated benefits of each project on the environment we can also track the progress of each IntelliTrees™. For businesses, IntelliTrees™ offers a way to offset your carbon footprint and boost your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supporting their tree planting projects. Overall, IntelliTrees™ is an excellent bio/eco-technology that empowers everyone to make a real difference in the fight against climate change, one tree at a time.

We are using AI with machine learning technologies for controlling our IntelliTrees™. Additional security measures will be implemented in every one of our Infinitrees© preventing theft or tampering of any of the iTrees™ line. Quanifi Airfiber technology will be in every one of our  IntelliTrees™ for full network node capabilities and more.

Together we can manifest this very much needed technology and get it  deployed to where they are needed most on our planet. Please contribute what you can below and please share. Together we can make this is reality….and the reality is that we are all in this together….One People…One Planet…One Future!

Thank you & Namaste’

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